Feeding systems from Celle

Z-TEC-Zerspanungs- und Zuführtechnik GmbH, as part of the Westphal group, has specialized in the supply of mainly smaller parts. 

Vibration, step or scoop feeders are manufactured for the different types of parts. To increase the autonomy time, the conveyors can be equipped with bunker systems. 

Different palletizing systems complete the extensive program.

The vibratory conveyors are very repeatable because the bowl and the linear feeders are manufactured by milling, so that apart from the assembly of the milled components, no manual activities have to be carried out.

An in-house development deserves special attention: The AnyFeeder. Different, but similar components can be conveyed, recognized and precisely picked and transported to their installation location with a robot. The robot used is optional because we connect the camera and robot directly from the PLC.

Z-TEC Palletizer

Feeding systems 

  • 3-D design with simulation of the kinematics
  • as a single station of integrated into an assembly line
  • compact design with integrated robot (6-axis or scara)
  • direction of material flow as required
  • The small load carriers or blisters are fed by trolleys or belts 
  • fast changing times of the trolleys by exchange during the ongoing process
  • Documention based on 3-D design
  • Video von 10min trouble-free running as proof of functionality
Rundschalttisch Schaltungen

Z-TEC feeding systems

Feeding systems

  • 3-D design 
  • vibration bowl and linear feeding systems made of polyamid
  • step feeders for bigger parts
  • space saving miracle: scoop feeder
  • machining production for complete reproducibility - even for vibration bowl feeders
  • high process reliability
  • Anyfeeder: If different components (with a certain similarity) are to be fed alternately into a system, the Z-TEC Anyfeeder is recommended
  • Documentation based on the 3-D design
  • Video of 10 minutes of trouble-free running as proof of functionality

Z-TEC Equipment

Feeding systems

  • 3-D design 
  • belt bunkers in different sizes
  • steep bunkers in different sizes
  • noise protection hoods
  • Documentation based on the 3-D design 
  • Video of 10 minutes of trouble-free running as proof of functionality