Westphal Präzisionstechnik assembly lines

Individual, complex assembly lines for industrial customers

Westphal Präzisionstechnik sees itself as a system supplier of automated assembly systems and test systems for (global) industrial customers mainly from the mobility and electronics sectors.

We integrate different types of transport systems for customer components, e.g. on belts or with robots. We use commercially available technologies, such as welding, screwing, glueing, sealant application, greasing, oiling, labeling and many more.

The assembly lines below represent an extract from our portfolio.


Assembly line

  • automated greasing with robot
  • 4-fold automatic screwing station
  • automated sealant application
  • contact greasing
  • end-of-line check
  • shuttle transfer system
  • automated setup by database connection for all product relevant parameters 

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Air suspension

Assembly line 
air suspension

  • assembly line or single stations
  • assembly sleeve to piston or outer support by crimping the parts
  • assembly dirt protection
  • assembly remaining pressure valve
  • assembly gaiter
  • air filling of air spring / roll fold check

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Cockpit cross support

Assembly line
cockpit cross support

  • automatic feeding of cockpit cross support
  • cut to length cockpit cross support
  • drilling and punching cockpit cross support
  • automatic machined part feeding
  • screwing of consoles
  • transport of parts completely by robots

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Pedal boxes

Assembly line
pedal boxes

  • automatic asssembly of pedal cap with robot
  • assembly of bearing bush
  • complete check of all product relevant parameters by camera, fall test, side loose check
  • screwing station
  • laser marking
  • integrated rework area
  • part transport by conveyor system and by robot 

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Injection molded parts

Assembly line
Injection molded parts

  • plastic friction welding
  • assembly of metal bushes
  • assembly of sealant and o-ring
  • check of pressure difference
  • laser marking
  • automatic part feeding from injection molding to asembly by conveyor belts and robots
  • integrated line and process management

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Hydro bushes

Assembly line
of hydro bearings with
integrated dry filling

  • manual part feeding
  • calibration of hydro bush
  • laser measuring system 
  • dry filling of hydro bush with force controlled hole closing with ball
  • anyfeeder: automatic part feeding of different parts
  • transport of hydro bush by transfer system and 4 robots
  • dynamic load test

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Assembly line

  • stations to equip the line with parts (on work piece carrier)
  • automatic double stations with conveyor system
  • each station with local touch panel

Safety relevant part with specific requirements to safety, availability and integrity

  • automatic screwing
  • greasing with robot
  • integrated cameras and camera sensors
  • optical control for each part to be assembled

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