Westphal Präzisionstechnik indexing tables

Indexing tables for industrial application

Indexing tables for component transport have proven to be particularly space-saving means in assembly automation and for testing technology. Technologies available on the market can be integrated here.

The core of almost all our systems is the assembly of a product. This assembly can be done with a servomotor (force-monitored), pneumatic, hydropneumatic or hydraulic as required.

Mikro gas generator

Indexing table
Micro gas generator

  • two indexing tables with 12 stations each
  • filling of MGG with pyrotechnical propellant
  • inspection of propellant by high precision scales 
  • parts handling between tables and for packaging with 4 scaras
  • automatic flexible machined part feeding
  • four cameras
  • connection with QM-System of customer

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Gas generator

Indexing table 
Gas generator (airbag)

  • three indexing tables 
  • friction welding
  • laser welding
  • resistance welding
  • leak test with helium
  • automatic flexible machined part feeding
  • connection with QM-System of customer

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Crack detection ball studs

Indexing table
Crack detection ball studs

  • crack detection by eddy current
  • thread rolling
  • conservation
  • automated packaging
  • automated box handling of small load carriers

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Switch box

Indexing table 
Haptic test and
check of ilumination 
of switch box

  • 4-fold indexing table
  • check of ilumintation of part with specific camera
  • haptic test with 3-D torque sensor
  • force/way controlled check of button attached to 6-axis robot
  • evaluation of electrical signals (of switch box), torque/way in real time
  • presentation of torque/way
  • integrated process database 

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Cockpit cross support

Indexing table
Cockpit cross support
(big size)

  • changeable workpiece carrier
  • high precision workpiece carrier by measuring and shimming all fixing elements
  • automatic unloading
  • self tapping srewing

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